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An impending illness usually gives some early warning signs, such as a cold, or a cough, or a feeling of lack of energy. So does an approaching financial sickness. Here are the warning signs:

  • Warning Sign no. 1: It is difficult to pay your monthly credit card bill in full.

  • Warning Sign no. 2: You are thinking of taking a loan to pay your credit card.

  • Warning Sign no. 3: You are using credit cards because you do not have cash in your pocket, in your checking account, at home or anywhere else.

  • Warning Sign no. 4: You are paying the minimum monthly payment every month.

  • Warning Sign no. 5: You are transferring balances from one card to another.

  • Warning Sign no. 6: You are starting to worry about your finances.

  • Warning Sign no. 7: You are hoping for another credit card application to arrive in your mail.

  • Warning Sign no. 8: You are seriously considering taking cash advance from your credit card.

  • Warning Sign no. 9: You have planned to close some of your credit cards, but you changed your mind.

  • Warning Sign no. 10: You are approaching your credit limit.

  • If you recognize any of these warning signs in your financial life, it is best to take wise action. Being aware of a problem and accepting it is the key to solving that problem.