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In these times, if you don’t have a huge bank account, you could fall into tough times like many do. You might need immediate cash for an urgent purpose- credit card bill, utility bills, medical bills, or food for the house.

Before you stick in your credit card into an ATM machine for a cash advance, try thinking of an alternative source of cash – a loan from a relative or friend, pawning in a personal valuable, or selling an appliance or jewelry. When any of these alternatives do not provide an immediate relief from your financial worries, that’s the time you could consider the quicker way of instant cash – inserting your credit card into an ATM machine and keying in your pin. It is a convenient and instant cash.

A credit card cash advance comes with 4 types of costs:

  • - A 1-4 percent fee on the amount you borrowed;

  • - An ATM fee for the use of the bank’s machine;

  • - Higher interest rates than your regular credit card purchases;

  • - No grace period. Interest starts accruing as soon as the machine spits out your cash.

  • - Other finance charges.

  • These fees are quite expensive. Your monthly payment would be applied to your card purchases first which has lower interest rate than the cash advance. As a result your cash advance still earns interest on any unpaid balance. If you are carrying a balance on your card, your finance charges on the cash advance would repeatedly be charged. Cash advances are extremely expensive but is still less expensive than payday loans. Be smart in using your cash advance.