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During the ancient times, jewelries were worn primarily as amulets or lucky charm rather than as adornment. They were considered magical and were worn during religious rites and ceremonies. Jewelry during ancient Egypt had designs of beetles, dragonfly and butterflies because the ancient Egyptians ascribed immortality, longevity, resurrection, rejuvenation, regeneration, and protection to these insects.


Today jewelry serves only 4 primary functions:

  1. As ornament or adornment. It accentuates a person’s appearance, or his clothes and accessories.
  2. As symbol of wealth or social status. Only the wealthy can afford to buy diamonds and gold.
  3. A memento. It is an important keepsake, gift, or souvenir from a loved one.
  4. As investment. Precious metals and stones tend to appreciate greatly in value through time.


Jewelry has been a favorite collateral item of pawnshops because of its small size and high value. It saves storage space, it is light weight and easy to handle. It is also highly salable.


People who are cash-strapped prefer to take it to the pawnshop rather than any bulky home appliance.


But it is risky to pawn something so valuable to you. There is no guarantee that you will receive the amount of money that you need when you take your jewelry to the pawnshop. Your jewelry could be worth $300 but you will receive only $60 or even less.  You will never a loan for the full value of your collateral.  If you cannot pay back your loan and the exorbitant fees and interests then your precious jewelry will become the property of the pawnshop and it will be sold for much more than the amount that was loaned to you. If your jewelry means so much to you, don’t take it to the pawnshop.


Get your money through payday loan instead.  You will get exactly the amount of cash that you need without having to part with your precious necklace, wedding ring, or bracelet.