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A pawnshop is a quick way to get a small loan when you are facing a difficult situation. There are 2 more quick ways to come up with fast cash without offering collateral. These are: 1) credit card cash advance; or 2) payday loan.


A borrower must have something of value to put up as collateral in order to receive a pawnshop loan. The loan is good for 30 days and can be renewed for up to 4 times before the pawnshop releases the item.  If your loan is not repaid in full at this time, your item is forfeited and put up for sale.


In a credit card cash advance, you will need your credit card to record your transaction. This can be done in the bank, through the ATM machine, o r through internet banking.


A payday loan borrower must show proof of employment, valid identification papers, and a bank account. The transaction can be done through online service or at a local payday cash store. Many pawnshops are now offering payday loan  to their customers as an alternative.


All the above instant cash solutions have very high interest rates. This is the reason some states have classified payday loan under racketeering laws. In New York and New Jersey it falls against their criminal usury statutes. The regulations vary from state to state.   

Type of Loan





Collateral item, no credit check




Credit check, proof of employment,



Credit Card Advance

Credit check,




Pawnshop loans do not affect a person’s credit standing, but the borrower could lose his pawned item – jewelry, car, or house and lot.


It is wise to avoid the risks of a pawn shop loan and just choose an online payday loan or credit card loan whenever possible. Just show proof of income or employment, identification paper, a filled up application form.