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These days, pawnshop owners report seeing new faces and interesting new items being pawned every day. Most pawn brokers also report a 25% increase in loans and a growing number of people who cannot redeem their pawns anymore. There have been new customers daily from different economic strata for the past 3 years, according to pawnshop owners. They compare this phenomenon to the reality TV show “Pawn Stars.” Pawn shop owners claim that the show is authentic. Such things are happening these days. More people are patronizing pawnshops, turning in rare models of guns, sculpture, diamond rings, musical instruments, computers, motorcycles, trailers, assault rifle, and even car, for some cash.


When you have to pawn your jewelry, instrument, or computer, you sign a pawn ticket and you leave your valuable at the pawnshop. You redeem it after 30 days after paying your loan plus its interests and charges.


With a car pawn, you sign a loan agreement and you leave your car title and other car documents such as insurance, at the pawnshop. A car pawn loan is a type of secured loan in which the title to your car serves as collateral on the loan. You can use the loan for urgent home or car repairs, medical bills, urgent financial needs, or major school expenses.


Online applications are offered for convenience. The application can be approved very quickly and you can pick up your money at the nearest branch.


These are the requirements for a car title loan:

  1. Original title of the vehicle;
  2. Proof of income:  employment or business
  3. Proof of residence
  4. Proof of full insurance coverage;
  5. List of references
  6. Photocopy of driver’s license
  7. The wholesale value of your vehicle must be at least $4000.

Moreover, not all vehicles are eligible. The pawn broker will assess your car engine performance, appearance, mileage, etc. All of these are considered in determining the loan amount you can be given.


The loan allows you to keep your car. You still get to drive off in your car. But you have to pay off your loan when the due date comes or the pawnshop will sell your car at an auction.


There are valid reasons why car title loans are considered illegal in many states.

  1. A very high interest is charged. Some pawnshops charge in excess of the allowable 30% interest. Some even charge as high as 300% interest for short-term cash loans.
  2. You can get a loan equivalent to only a small percentage of the actual value of your car. For example, if your car is worth $20,000, you can borrow only $2000 -$4000. This is regarded as predatory lending. The usual victims are those who have no regular income, such as senior citizens and single mothers.
  3. Even if your loan is only $1000, the pawnshop can still confiscate your car, even if it is worth twenty times more than your loan amount.


An alternative to a risky car title loan is the payday loan. You get fast cash without endangering your car.  A car title loan should be an emergency last resort.