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More people are patronizing pawnshops these days, according to pawn brokers. Pawnshop owners are reporting that they are seeing older and more affluent consumers in their stores. These new clients are turning in rare models of guns, sculpture, diamond rings, musical instruments, computers, motorcycles, trailers, assault rifle, and even car, for some cash.


Rolex watches and Wii video players, antique jewelry, vintage items—these are hot items in pawn shops now. People from higher socioeconomic backgrounds are bringing in larger diamonds and gold watches.


Pawnshop display cases are stuffed with gold necklaces, bracelets, and even Rolex watches, according to Joe Cacciatore, owner of Tampa, Fla.-based Capital Pawn & Financial Services. He has even had football players bring in Super Bowl rings and NFL rings for pawn.  At Uncle Sam's Pawn Shop in Columbus, Ohio, gold jewelry and diamonds are among the top items coming in and going out, said Alan Bretz, the store's manager. More and more consumers are trading in their Wii systems and other video game consoles, including the Xbox, at pawnshops nationwide


The big plasma television-cum-computer display is among the big sellers in pawnshops. Whenever there are auction sales, buyers ask for plasma television. Store owners also like power tools, especially power drills.


Musical instruments are hot items at pawnshops right now, and guitars and amplifiers are among the big ones, according to Alan Bretz, manager of Uncle Sam's Pawn Shop in Columbus. A new, full-size acoustic Fender guitar from Best Buy can cost you at least $200, according to a website.  Half-size guitars for grade school students go for about $50.


The owner of the Ace Pawn Shops chain in Indiana says he’s seeing more contractors pawning their tools. Since most of the tools are used, prices are typically 50 percent below what you'd find at Lowe's or Home Depot. Power tools can go anywhere from $3 to $300.


Monitors, printers, fax machines, scanners are also being pawned and sometimes left unclaimed. Pump shotguns and other firearms are being sold from $175- $350.


Wedding rings are being pawned but are always redeemed.