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You work hard and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. But when you reach the age of sixty, you would no longer have the same energy or zest for work; you would simply want to enjoy life. Enjoying life is only possible if you are physically, mentally, and financially healthy. So exercise, eat healthy, be happy, and know how to handle your money. Here are some pointers for achieving financial health:

  • 1. Create a budget. Identify your sources of income then list your fixed and variable expenses. Keep the fixed and variable expenses separate so it is easier to identify possible areas for cutbacks. Set your own household budget based on your income. Make an allowance for occasional treats and unexpected expenses.

  • 2. Create a goal. When you know how much money you have for the budget, set a goal to implement your budget. Goal setting is important for improving your finances.

  • 3. Save. Save. Save. Saving money is a good habit. Set aside an amount for your savings regularly – each day and every payday. Save for an emergency fund, save for capital, save for your future. Start now and be amazed at the growth of your investments.

  • 4. Control your Impulse Spending. Impulse spending is the biggest budget breaker. Avoid making financial decisions while you are in a highly emotional state.

  • 5. Eliminate and avoid debt. Start a debt elimination plan. List your debts and pay your bills on time.

  • 6. Keep household accounts in a computer file for easy reference and review. This is your guide to wise spending. It shows you the areas for improvement.

  • 7. Minimize purchasing your stuff on credit because you tend to overspend when using your credit card. People tend to spend less when they pay in cash.

  • 8. Be thrifty. Tell your friends and relatives about your resolution to be thrifty.

  • 9. Maintain good credit. If you have a good credit score, your credit limit will be increased and your interests will be lowered.

  • 10. Read. Read. Read. The more you learn about money matters, the more you benefit on the financial aspect of your life.

  • Do whatever you can to improve your net worth, either by reducing your debt, increasing your savings, or increasing your income, or all of the above. The secret is to start implementing small changes into your life until they become good habits. It is never too early or too late to implement some good financial habits. It is best to start it while you’re young.