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Your credit card is an asset if you use it right. It offers several advantages, such as 1) cash-free purchases; 2) return or cancellation of inferior products; 3) convenience of online purchases; 4) building credit score; 5) cash advance, and 6) other benefits such as travel insurance, etc.

You have to watch your account, however, because there are certain things that these credit card companies will not tell you:

  • 1. Information in your credit card can be easily collected by hackers or online pirates. A fake online store could extract information from you. Be careful.

  • 2. Handheld skimmers can easily steal data from your card. Some people who process your card in stores or restaurants could collect your data and sell it to credit card thieves.

  • 3. If you follow the minimum payment indicated on your monthly statement, your debt repayment would take years or decades.

  • 4. A late payment would increase your interest fees. If you miss paying your monthly bill by a mere hour, a late payment fee is added to your compounded balance.

  • 5. Interest rate has a compounding effect. The current month’s interest is added to your total balance and another interest is computed each and every month.

  • 6. The late payment penalties have no limit. You can make unlimited late payments and they will charge you unlimited penalties. There is also no federal limit on interest rates.

  • 7. You can overspend using a card than cash.

  • 8. Annual Fee payments. Most credit cards charge annual fees.

  • 9. Over-limit fee. If you go over your credit limit, penalties will be charged.

  • 10. Hidden notifications. You should be informed about any change in your account at least 45 days in advance. Most notices are inconspicuous.

  • Don’t fall into a trap, keep a close watch of your account.