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People in need would turn to lenders for convenient, instant cash. Foremost among these quick cash options is the credit card cash advance which has lesser interest rates and fees than payday loans. If you find yourself in this situation there are other options with still lesser costs, lesser interests. Before you decide to take out a cash advance or a payday loan, here are some alternatives to the high interest credit card cash advance:

  • Paycheck cash advance from your employer
  • HR Department emergency program loan
  • Credit union loans
  • Small loans from family, relatives, or friends
  • Pawnbrokers/consignment shops
  • Emergency community assistance plans
  • Small consumer loans
  • Quick loan from a co-worker
  • Sell a dispensable personal valuable
  • Help from your local politician
  • The above options may not be as convenient or quick as an ATM-accessible cash advance but the cost is definitely gentler to your budget.